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Each my 7 year previous Airedale Meyna and eight 12 months aged lab blend Ellie are actually on Blue Buffalo since the massive recall. I feel approx. six many years. Their coats are attractive, teeth and In general health are good. Most of my buddies altered to Blue throughout the very same time. I have had no problems with my pups since the adjust. Equally dogs are really Lively and again haven't any health troubles.

Just remaining my vets Business office soon after obtaining my GSD puppy her shot. The very first thing the vet requested was “you’re not feeding blue to her do you think you're?”. I mentioned no, why? She then went on to tell me she has five dogs right now with critical (vital) liver/kidney issues linked to their food.

Would you really Feel every one of these folks are lying? Do you really Feel any person on right here doesn’t realize your continued posting advertising a product that has bring about numerous problems for pet proprietors across The usa just isn't a clear bias on account of your romance with reported business? Lol… Practically as laughable concerning your companies ethical procedures or Insufficient…. Jenn

I've fed my Canine Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice for a number of years now with no problems. She has food allergies, and this is one particular food I have discovered that doesn’t induce extreme itching and red skin.

Experienced ordered Blue For some time a short while ago bone fragments begun appearing in Blue food, I contacted their Client Service four times, they have been rude, didn’t care, so I switched food to Merrick, wow a transform, my dogs are carrying out superb and Merrick folks even despatched me a bit Notice stating ‘thanks’ for selecting us. Make sure you do your homework just before getting any Blue products.

I saved a number of the food that just killed my Canine. I'm making an attempt to find a way to possess it tested to find out what was in it. Dogs were wonderful on BB for approximately a calendar year as well as a half and out of the blue they both grew to become quite Ill and one of these died not even 24 several hours back. This enterprise is trash!

We started our beagle at 8 1/2 months on Blue puppy food – mostly the dry with a spoonful of Blue puppy canned combined in with it. She is currently one calendar year aged and it is absolutely the photo of health. Best weight, lovely coat, and filled with energy.

especially the undesirable gasoline and unfastened stool. I did some investigating. I have one particular bag I purchased a few months in the past

I have a 5 year previous female bernese mountain Pet dog fed blue dry lamb and canned formulas since she was 4 months previous . She was gassy when I first fed her blue but tha stopped after about four months she has been gas free at any time since no problems .

My second bag of blue Doggy food .The first bag every thing going good .Almost accomplished with bag two and oh my what stink comes from the back aspect of my Pet dog .

If you are trying shifting to Blue and your Puppy stops eating, starts off vomiting and dropping weight, take them to your vet right absent and end feeding Blue.

My Pet dog received Ill on Blue Buffalo Standard two weeks back. She spent weekly with the vets recovering…it wasn’t right until she received home and I had been obtaining her dog food aggression re-utilized to her food that she started to vomit again.

I’ve been doing the investigate now for three times on Yet another brand of dog food. Nutro adjusted their packaging and have not made it easy in the slightest degree to find the brand I food dogs like were giving my senior rescues. I don’t like how small the bites are actually and so forth…they use to label senior glucosamine and so forth…now I’m around the fourth bag of food plus they only manage to like 1 ,and it’s Authority (pet sensible brand! I've narrowed my lookup down to a few Pet foods. Blue buffalo, Innova ( which isn’t obtaining good reviews I suppose they ended up bought out by P & G ) so that’s a deterrent . My question Is that this. I've a lab,greyhound pit mix 8yrs and an Akit,Lab, Boxer blend seven yrs. The Akita combine I have often kidded and referred to as him my blond as he was so clumsy like a puppy and is now paying out the price with his bones,the opposite Pet is too with hip problems.My blond (my Boy) was tested and diagnosed with cushings desease, soon after Yet another vet looked at the exact same blood operate he reported it “seemed” like it with the HIGH LEVELS of proteins in his urine!

My Mastiff really experienced the minimum fuel to the cheapest most Terrible food – go figure and he lived dog food at walmart right up until he was Just about 11.

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